Solid Routed WPC Doors
Solid Moulded WPC Doors

WPC Solid Moulded Doors

WPC solid moulded doors are actually a form of thicker board only but it has got widely popular as WPC Solid door. These door is a direct replacement of Solid wooden door format.

Moulding : Doors are moulded in various designs as per the catalogue within its solid structure only. Moulded surfaces gives a reach look of a conventional Solid wooden door. Moulding can be provided with MoQ of 50 doors/design.

Textures : Doors can be provided with embossed textures added to moulding to make it more beautified. This incurs a specific technique, available with us.

Sizes : Doors can be available in any custom sizes with MoQ of 50 Doors/Size with a total MoQ of 100 Doors.
Thickness : 24 mm, 28 mm, 30 mm, 32 mm, 35 mm, 40 mm, 42 mm, 50 mm

Installation : You can install this door just like a conventional door.

Frame : Door frame is a solid PVC WPC Door frame and needs to be fitted with long screw with PVC grip (fastener type) to the wall. At several places it is being fixed with L clamps during the construction itself, which is being painted during finish stage.

Hinges, lock, latch, door closer : All can be applied regularly, as design is supportive for fitting of these accessories.

Good screw holding : It will hold the screw perfectly as like as a wooden door. It is designed, technically for better screw holding. Please refer to the drawing.

Finishes : Plain finish in white and ivory colours those are quite famous and decent for high end villa applications. You can apply Paint, coat etc. as per your requirement.