WPC Bathroom Vanities

Wood polymer composite

Wood polymer composite popularly known as WPC globally - has one strongest property as 'water proof nature'. Being a polymer (PVC in case of boards and doors) it resist water while absorbing within and it is the biggest advantage for the furniture made out of it.

Any furniture needs protection from moisture and termite, in normal case. When it comes to bathroom the case become totally sensitive. Floor, walls and entire atmosphere inside a bathroom remains with moisture, almost the time. No plywood, MDF or Particle can be used normally in such an atmosphere.

Today's bathroom are becoming more user friendly. People add furniture to their bathroom even they are bigger or smaller. For bigger bathrooms 'WALK IN WARDROBE' is becoming popular nowadays all around the world and WPC boards are the best fit product for making them. HARDYPLAST take project for such wardrobes for design, develop, delivery and installation.

Smaller bathrooms haver certain necessities and 'BATHROOM VANITY' is one of that. We design, develop, deliver and install bathroom vanity in custom designs. Classic nature of WPC material gives this product the best fit amongst all other similar panel formats.